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When Melvyn Dumar was 51 years, 246 days old he climbed the Eiffel Tower in the nude. He died seven months later, in 2001.

Melvyn Dumar wasn’t the only notable person who died at about your age:

You’ve outlived Susan Butcher by almost two weeks. She was the second woman to win the Iditarod and first person to summit Mount McKinley with a dog team. She died of leukemia in 2006.
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Billy Carter was about 2 months younger than you when he died of pancreatic cancer in 1988. He was a brother of U.S. President Jimmy Carter and inventor of Billy Beer.
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You’ve outlived Marcel Proust by more than 3 months. He was the French novelist known for his multi–volume magnum opus, “Remembrance of Things Past” (1914–1927). He died of bronchitis and pneumonia in 1922.
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Stanley Milgram was more than 3 months younger than you when he died of heart attack in 1984. He was a professor and social psychologist known for his work on obedience.
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