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The Occultural Film Series Volume One
Magick in Cinema with Brian Butler

The event, to be held at the Northwest Film Forum on Thursday, April 5th, will include a program of short films followed by a performance, brief lecture and Q & A.

Seattle, WA – Northwest Film Forum and the Esoteric Book Conference collaborate with The Occultural Film Series to present: Magick in Cinema with Brian Butler. The evening features works by pioneers in occult cinema along with works by filmmaker, artist and the evening’s curator Brian Butler. Butler has worked with some of the filmmakers in this showcase, exploring occult visions and ritual in his films such as Night of Pan, featuring Vincent Gallo and Kenneth Anger. His latest work Union of Opposites premiered recently in Los Angeles and will be presented for the first time in Seattle. The premier will be followed by a ritual performance by Butler.


Magick has been defined by Aleister Crowley as"the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with the will." The short film is a perfect medium for modern occult ritual – utilizing sound, light and color to alter the consciousness of the viewer. The program includes gems from occult cinema informing Brian Butler’s own work and the evenings lecture. Films include: Kenneth Anger - Brush of Baphomet (2009), Ira Cohen - The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda (1968) Harry Smith - No. 17: Mirror Animations (1979), Curtis Harrington - Wormwood Star, Brian Butler - Night of Pan (2009) Brian Butler - Death Posture (2011), Brian Butler - Union of Opposites (2012).




Brian Butler ( is an artist, musician, writer, and filmmaker living in Los Angeles. He has written on occult related subjects for numerous publications including Dazed and Confused, Vestoj and Disinformation’s Book of Lies (2003). He heads his own occult order in Los Angeles.


He has worked extensively as a producer on director Kenneth Anger’s recent work and performs along with him in the band Technicolor Skull. Butler’s films include Night of Pan, featuring Vincent Gallo and Kenneth Anger, and Loch Ness Magick, which was filmed on the grounds of Aleister Crowley’s former home in Scotland. Butler’s films have been noted as “Beautiful, hypnotic and vaguely sinister” and have screened internationally — the National Film Museum in Beijing, ZDB Gallery in Lisbon, Festival Internazionale Del Film Di Roma, the Athens Biennale, Cannes Film Festival, and the Tate Modern, London.


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The Occultural Film Series: Magick in Cinema with Brian Butler
Thursday, 7:00 pm April 5th
Northwest Film Forum
1515 12th Ave. E. Seattle
Tickets: $6.00 for Film Forum members, $7.00 for seniors and $10.00 for general admission.
Tickets are available at or by calling 1-800–838-3006
Occultural Film Series
The Occultural Film Series was established in 2012 to feature the esoteric and occult in cinema.
Embracing historical and contemporary currents in film, video, and moving images.
Co-presented with the Esoteric Book Conference